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mattress Andromeda


Type: pocket
Mattress height: ca. 18 cm

Sometimes it doesn’t take much to feel comfortable. The Andromeda mattress guarantees comfort through its simplicity.
Its core is made up of two types of materials: pocket springs and latex.

mattress Delia smart


Type: pocket
Mattress height: ca. 23 cm

The Delia mattress makes extraordinary use of simple solutions. Two classic and reliable raw materials, such as foam and pocket springs, are combined in one model to provide you with a high sleeping comfort without unnecessary complications.

mattress Enyo


Type: pocket
Mattress height: ca. 24 cm
Cover as standard: TENCEL

Innovation, durability, comfort and reliability. These four features perfectly define the Enyo model. With this mattress, there is no need to choose between stable support and comfort.

mattress Niobe smart


Type: pocket
Mattress height: ca. 20 cm

The Niobe mattress is a multifunctional model, which is durable, resilient and, at the same time, exceptionally comfortable. One side of the mattress gives stable and flexible support, while the other side softly envelops the body.

mattress Nolli


Type: pocket
Mattress height: ca. 24 cm

If you are unsure whether your mattress should be made using foam, latex or springs, the Nolli mattress will resolve all your uncertainties. We have combined all these elements in one model to achieve the highest level of comfort.