New offer from Black Red White

New offer from Black Red White

We present to you four new collections of Polish furniture from the manufacturer Black Red White. These are room furniture: Laval, FL Smart, Torin and youth furniture: Weston. The furniture is already available to order in our store in London.

The Laval collection will allow you to enjoy the effective and modern living room design. The furniture is distinguished by simplicity, which is characterized by smooth, varnished fronts in white mirror gloss. In addition, they have scratch-resistant tops made of laminated board in the color of artisan oak. The whole is emphasized by LED lighting installed under the table top. The convenience of use is also achieved thanks to the quiet closure of cabinets and drawers.

The FL Smart collection is intended mainly for interiors that create functional development of an open kitchen that connects to the living room, then it is worth putting on cabinets for the living room with a structure similar to kitchen furniture. That is why the FL Smart collection was created, which uses fronts from the Edan and TopLine collections (to choose from) in many different color variants.

The Torin collection is a majestic, timeless design. If you like thick sides of furniture, strong, metal handles and an intense, dark color of furniture, these Polish furniture will certainly work for you. An additional emphasis on their style is energy-saving LED lighting placed under the table top.

Weston collection - industrial interior for pupils and students. The furniture is characterized by a combination of a distinctive wood decor, thickened tops and sides as well as original handles. The whole will be complemented by a loft interior.

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